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Meadowmount Partial Sessions

The Meadowmount faculty stresses the importance of attending for the entire 7-week session to receive the full benefit of the School. Students may apply for a partial session of 3 weeks or longer. We do not offer on-campus housing for partial session students. You will need to contact the admissions office for off-campus housing information. Students under the age of 18 must live with a parent or guardian.

There is no public transportation in the area and a car is necessary for commuting to and from school. Partial session students are placed on a waiting list to be notified sometime after April 20 as to their acceptance. Full session students have first priority for admission. Please note that partial session students are not eligible for scholarship, work-study or chamber music.

The application process is the same as for full-time students. Chamber music excerpts are not required as part of the audition since partial session students will not receive chamber music.