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Meadowmount offers on campus health services. Our nurse is available around the clock. There is a health clinic, hospital and emergency room 6 miles from campus.

It is not mandatory, but it is highly recommended that a student carry medical insurance. Students are responsible for their own medical bills and travel costs to medical appointments.

Meadowmount is required to obtain a permit from the New York State Department of Health subject to their inspection twice each summer. Questions may be directed to the New York State Department of Health, PO Box 389, Saranac, NY 12983. When a student arrives, our nurse checks health forms and collects all medication from on-campus students under the age of 18. These medications will be dispensed from the nurse's office.

In compliance with State Dept. of Health, no prescription or non-prescription medication of any kind may be kept in the dormitories of students under the age of 18. This includes vitamins, tylenol, sleeping aids, etc. No on campus or off campus student will be registered without a fully completed medical form including documentation of all immunizations. A physical exam is not required.

Meadowmount is proud of its food service and spotless facilities. The Food Service Director makes every effort to provide a variety of nourishing food and accommodates vegetarian students at each meal. A large salad bar is available for lunch and dinner every day and a snack is available every afternoon. Milk and tea are available all the time. Our kitchen staff is notified of any food allergies a student may have. Please note that due to the large volume of food preparation, the kitchen is unable to prepare special foods for individual dietary needs.



To foster a safe and healthy environment for the Meadowmount community, students are required to abide by the published rules governing behavior. A copy of School rules is sent to all students upon acceptance and handed to them upon arrival. Rules are posted in each dormitory, each bedroom and in common areas. A high degree of social maturity and professionalism is expected of each student, including a strong willingness to work together and respect for the feelings of others.

Scholarship students are to exhibit exemplary behavior both musically and socially. They are expected to be leaders in performance and chamber music and role models in discipline.

Meadowmount reserves the right to dismiss any student who is in violation of Meadowmount rules, New York State and/or Federal law, or Department of Health regulations. There will be no refunds given to dismissed students.

Students under 18 are not allowed to leave campus without parental, faculty or counselor supervision. This includes walking on the County Road that borders and runs through the Meadowmount property. Violation is grounds for immediate dismissal.

Students under 18 may leave campus with a parent authorized adult visitor only if there is a Release Form signed by the parent, naming the adult, date and time of visitation on file in the admissions office. Visiting adults must register in the school office prior to leaving campus with the student and the proper documentation must be signed before release.


Cell phone reception is limited. There are campus phones available for student use and phone cards can be purchased in the office. Cell phones are prohibited from the concert hall and if seen will be confiscated. Cell phone use for students under the age of 18 is limited so as not to interfere with studies, practice, sleep and campus life. The counselors collect student cell phones during practice hours, concerts and evening curfew. Students have their phones at all other times. Since the counselors wake the students in the morning it is not necessary to use the phone as a morning alarm. Violation of our policy results in confiscation of the phone with restricted use. In case of an emergency please call the office (518) 962-2400.

Meadowmount is a smoke free campus. Students under the age of 18 are not permitted to smoke. Students age 18 and older may smoke cigarettes only in the designated smoking areas.

Campus Life

"Meadowmount is a musical haven where I can grow, musically and personally...a place where I can be inspired and push myself even harder than I thought I could. I got more accomplished than I ever dreamed I would in seven weeks."

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