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Meadowmount Director Eric Larsen in his studio

Why Meadowmount?

  …A letter from the Director

Dear Students and Parents;

  In the summer of 1991 Mrs. Galamian, the wife of Meadowmount's founder Ivan Galamian, asked me to begin a piano program. My first, totally unchecked response was "Why Meadowmount?" Looking me straight in the eye and shaking her famous index finger at me, she said, "Not until you recognize what a demanding school year has forced you to become will you realize what must be done to rejuvenate yourself". So I began Meadowmount's Piano Program and now each summer both my students and I rejuvenate ourselves, entering each new season stronger and better prepared. To this day I credit my intense Meadowmount summers with the many international successes I've had on stage and in the recording studio.

Judith and Ivan Galamian conceived Meadowmount in 1944 as a retreat for their students. Recognizing the toll academic classes, orchestra playing, part-time jobs and the stress of daily life in a big city took on the students, they chose an environment of stunning beauty in the Adirondack Mountains where students were offered housing, meals, even laundry service, with unlimited time to practice, study with renowned teachers, play chamber music and collaborate with a world class accompanying staff. Sixty-seven years later we continue their mission. One of my favorite sayings about Meadowmount is: one can accomplish in a week what one will accomplish in a month at home. Visit our YouTube site to hear our chamber music performances - all new projects for the students when they arrive.

We are living in difficult times and the question "Why Meadowmount" is both reasonable and expected. There are many stops along the road to professional success. For the younger student it may be auditioning for a new school, youth symphony or regional competition; for the older student it may be an audition for graduate studies, an important competition, orchestra job, chamber music ensemble, or an interview for a teaching position. With the current cost of education, a substantial college scholarship is extremely valuable, even necessary; with an orchestra or teaching job comes a certain amount of economic stability; with a competition win, more credibility in the profession. Attaining any one of these career goals requires one important thing - intense practice and preparation to the point at which it is obvious to all that you should be the winner.

With our dedicated artist faculty and staff, our offerings and accomplishments are unrivaled in the world. Let a Meadowmount summer give you the edge you need to win that scholarship, job or competition.

Eric Larsen, Director
Meadowmount School of Music