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Sally Thomas with James Ehnes

Distinguished Meadowmount Alumni

Alumni, we want to hear from you! Please visit us at MeadowmountAlumni.com.

There are Meadowmount alumni performing in virtually every major orchestra and teaching in virtually every major University and Conservatory in the United States. Alumni of Meadowmount have won every major string competition worldwide. In addition, the following alumni are soloists, chamber music performers, concertmasters and principals of major orchestras.

"The thing that makes Meadowmount so unique is the atmosphere that comes from the history of this place. My experience has been so enriching and so much fun that it seems this is the only place I should be during the summers. "...Student quote

To learn about the newest Meadowmount alumni, visit the Recent Meadowmount Alumni page.


Maria Bachmann
Zuill Bailey
Martin Beaver
Joshua Bell
James O. Buswell IV
Andrés Cárdenes
Stephanie Chase
Kyung-Wha Chung
Glenn Dicterow
James Ehnes
Miriam Fried
Lynn Harrell
Daniel Heifetz
Ulf Hoelscher
Chin Kim
Dong-Suk Kang
Soovin Kim
Young-Uck Kim
Jaime Laredo
Huei Min Lee
Sergiu Luca
Yo-Yo Ma
Robert McDuffie
Itzhak Perlman
William Preucil
Eugene Sarbu
Gerardo Ribeiro
Dmitri Sitkovetsky
Charles Treger
Kathleen Winkler
Peter Zazofsky
Pinchas Zukerman
Paul Zukofsky


Marjorie Bagley Arcata String Quartet
Amy Barlowe Duo [AB] 2
Timothy Baker Amadeus Trio
Martin Beaver Tokyo Quartet
Alan Bodman Duo [AB] 2
Earl Carlyss formerly,
Juilliard String Quartet
Andrés Cárdenes - Diaz Trio
Laurie Carney American String Quartet
Charles Castleman Raphael Trio
Ivan Chan Miami String Quartet
Mark Childs Amati Quartet of Toronto, Trio Lyra
Ronald Copes Juilliard String Quartet
Ralph Evans Fine Arts Quartet
Joseph Genualdi Chicago Chamber
Andrew Jennings formerly,
Concord String Quartet
Jiri Kabat Vlach Quartet Prague
Ani Kavafian Lincoln Center
Chamber Players
Ida Kavafian Formerly Beaux Arts Trio
Mark Kaplan Golub-Kaplan-
Carr Trio
Young-Uck Kim Beaux Arts Trio
Nicholas Kitchen Boromeo Quartet
Eric Kutz Chester Quartet
Jaime Laredo Kalichstein, Laredo,
Robinson Trio
John Marcus Enso Quartet
Violaine Melançon Peabody Trio
Peter Oundjian formerly Tokyo Quartet
Daniel Phillips Orion String Quartet
Todd Phillips Orion String Quartet
Gerardo Ribeiro Meadowmount Trio
Keith Robinson Miami String Quartet
Sarah Saint'Ambrosio Eroica Trio
David Salness formerly,
Audubon Quartet
Theatre Chamber Players
Lawrence Shapiro formerly,
Audubon and Fine
Arts Quartets
Laurie Smukler formerly Mendelssohn String Quartet
Frantisek Soucek Zemlinsky Quartet
Arnold Steinhardt Guarneri String Quartet
Christian Teal Blair String Quartet
Michael Tree Guarneri String Quartet
Brandon Vamos The Pacifica String Quartet
Walter Verdehr Verdehr Trio
David Ying Ying Quartet
Ira Weller formerly Mendelssohn String Quartet
Peter Zazofsky Muir Quartet


Daniel Anda Miami Symphony Orchestra
Cecilia Arszewski Atlanta Symphony
Nurit Bar-Josef, National Symphony Orchestra
Emanuelle Boisvert Detroit Symphony
Aaron Boyd Tucson Symphony Orchestra
Andrés Cárdenes Pittsburgh Symphony
Skye Carman Netherlands Holland Symphonia
Martin Chalifour Los Angeles Philharmonic
Robert Chen Chicago Symphony Orchestra
James Crawford Grand Rapids, MI Symphony Orchestra
Glenn Dicterow New York Philharmonic
Bruce Dukov Hollywood Bowl Symphony Orchestra
Nick Eanet Metropolitan Opera Orchestra
Sigrun Edwoldsdottir Iceland Philharmonic
Charles Haupt Buffalo Symphony Orchestra
Jessica Hung Dayton Philharmonic Orchestra & Annapolis Symphony Orchestra
Henry Hutchinson Puerto Rico Symphony
Jacques Israelievitch Toronto Symphony
Huei-Sheng Kao Asst. Concertmaster
Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra
Alexander Kerr Dallas Symphony Orchestra
Marjorie Kransberg Northwest Chamber Orchestra &
Pacific Northwest Ballet
Aimee Kreston Co-Concertmaster of l'Orchestre de Paris
Malcolm Lowe Boston Symphony Orchestra
Jun-Ching Lin Asst. Concertmaster
Atlanta Symphony
Ronald Neal Dallas Opera
Dene Olding Sydney, Australia Symphony
William Preucil Cleveland Orchestra
Anne McIlveen Rapson Associate Concertmaster
Symphony Nova Scotia
Richard Roberts Montreal Symphony
Brian Reagin North Carolina Symphony
Amy Schwartz Oregon symphony, Florida Orchestra
Jan Mark Sloman Associate Concertmaster
Dallas Symphony Orchestra
Josef Špaček Concertmaster
Czech Philharmonic
Semy Stahlhammer Stockholm Royal Opera &
Ballet Orchestra
Sheryl Staples Associate Concertmaster,
New York Philharmonic
David Taylor Assistant Concertmaster
Chicago Symphony Orchestra
Jing Wang Dallas Opera Orchestra
Charles Weatherbee Concertmaster
Columbus, OH Symphony Orchestra
Andrew Zaplatynsky Syracuse Symphony Orchestra
Robert Zimansky Orchestre de la Suisse Romande Switzerland & Zurich Symphony Orchestra


Daniel Domb Principal Cello Toronto Symphony
Robert deMaine Principal Cello Detroit Symphony Orchestra
John Ewing Principal 2nd Violin Columbus Symphony
Robert Gardner Principal Cello New York City Opera
Glenn Garlick Asst. Principal Cello National Symphony
Mark Ginsberg Principal 2nd Violin New York Philharmonic
Michael Grebanier Principal Cello San Franciso Symphony
Desmond Hoebig Principal Cello Houston Symphony
Roger Low Principal Cello Orchestra del Maggio
Musicale Fiorentino
Stephen Majeske Principal 2nd Violin Cleveland Orchestra
Barbara Meek Principal 2nd Violin Louisville Orchestra
Laurie Miller Asst. Principal 2nd Violin Grant Park Symphony Orchestra
Daniel Morganstern Principal Cello Chicago Lyric Opera,
American Ballet Theatre
Hai-Ye Ni Principal Cello Philadelphia Orchestra
Susanna Smith Onwood Principal Cello Louisville Orchestra
Paul Pesthy Principal Violist South German
Radio Orchestra
Jarrod Scott Principal Cello Chicago Civic Orchestra
Peter Stumpf Assistant Principal Los Angeles Philharmonic
Chong-Chien Tan Principal 2nd Violin Oregon Symphony
Robert Vernon Principal Viola Cleveland Orchestra
Isaias Zelkowicz Assoc. Principal Viola Pittsburgh Symphony


Cleveland Institute of Music:
David and Linda Cerone, Paul Kantor, Stephen Majeske
Robert Vernon, David Updegraff
David Russell
Richard Weiss
Carnegie Mellon University:
Andrés Cárdenes
Curtis Institute of Music:
Jaime Laredo, Ida Kavafian, Yumi Ninomiya Scott
Arnold Steinhardt, Michael Tree
Cornell University:
Kia-Hiu Tan
Eastman School of Music:
Charles Castleman, Zvi Zeitlin
Indiana University:
Paul Biss, Allan deVeritch, Miriam Fried
Mauricio Fuks, Mimi Zweig
The Juilliard School:
Heidi Castleman
Lewis Kaplan, Margaret Pardee
Ann Setzer(preparatory division)
Sally Thomas
The Manhattan School of Music:
Patricia Kopeck, Glenn Dicterow
Pinchas Zukerman
Mercer University Townsend School of Music
Amy Schwartz Director
New England Conservatory:
James Oliver Buswell IV, Donald Weilerstein
Northwestern University:
Gerardo Ribeiro, Blair Milton
Oberlin Conservatory of Music:
Gregory Fulkerson, Jeffrey Irvine
Peabody Conservatory:
Martin Beaver, Earl Carlyss
Herbert Greenberg
Violaine Melançon
Queens College:
Daniel Phillips
Rice University:
Desmond Hoebig, Martha Strongin Katz
Sergiu Luca, Kathleen Winkler, Paul Katz
Southern Methodist University:
Jan Mark Sloman
Stockholm Royal Music College:
Semy Stahlhammer
Tel-Aviv Academy of Music:
Chaim Taub
Toho School:
Koichiro Harada, Toshiya Eto
Kenji Kobayashi
University of Houston:
Henry Rubin, Fredell Lack
University of Michigan:
Andrew Jennings, Stephen Shipps
University of Minnesota:
Sally O'Reilly
University of So. California:
Robert Lipsett, Ron Leonard
University of Texas:
Zuill Bailey
Yale University:
Peter Oundjian, Erick Friedman

The Ivan Galamian Memorial Fellowship
The Judith Galamian Memorial Fellowship
The Josef Gingold Memorial Fellowship
The Leonard Rose Memorial Fellowship
The Gregor Piatigorsky Memorial Fellowship
The Stephen Kates Memorial Fellowship

Fellowships have been created to honor the memories and outstanding teaching and leadership by Founder, Ivan Galamian, his wife Judith Galamian and founding faculty members Josef Gingold, Leonard Rose and Gregor Piatigorsky in making the Meadowmount School of Music a premier training ground for future leaders in the professional world.

These awards, that will include full tuition and room and board, are to be given on an annual basis to an outstanding applicant to Meadowmount who would otherwise not be able to attend.

The funding for these awards comes from former students, family, friends and those interested in sustaining Meadowmount’s tradition of attracting students of exceptional talent. Fellowships are funded at a certain level to create an endowment generating yearly fellowships in perpetuity.

To make a donation, add Meadowmount to your will or to set up a Fellowship in the memory of a loved one contact:

Meadowmount School of Music
1424 County Route 10 Box 449
Westport, New York 12993
Phone: (518) 962-2400

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