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About Meadowmount

Since 1944 Ivan Galamian’s Meadowmount School of Music has been a summer school for young musicians ages 9 to 30, who are training for professional careers in music. In 1954, the school was organized as a non-profit corporation under the aegis of the Society for Strings, Inc.

Almost 70 years later, Meadowmount remains true to Ivan Galamian’s vision of the school as a "practice retreat," a place to recover from a school year filled with the stress of student life and obligations, and a place to enjoy the camaraderie of other young people from around the world who are serious about their musical development.

The school has a capacity enrollment of over 200, yet remains small enough to provide personal attention to each student. Our alumni are among the concertmasters and principal players of the world’s leading orchestras and the distinguished artist teachers of our major conservatories.

Through the guidance of the teaching and coaching staff, the ability to work with exceptional professional pianists and the time dedicated to practice, students can accomplish at Meadowmount in a summer what would ordinarily take a year to accomplish at home.

"In an ever-changing world, the effort and discipline needed to develop the necessary tools for artistic expression remain constant. Meadowmount continues to instill these values in its students."
...Yo-Yo Ma